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For anyone looking for custom built pet enclosures, Creatures Comfort Cages is THE BEST!  Our first order was for a 6’x 6’x 2’ enclosure.  We were so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship, that we immediately ordered three more.  Each cage needed to function differently, and Rick designed and built the enclosures to suit our needs perfectly.  From divided cages to enclosures with functioning pools for semi-aquatic animals, Rick masterfully crafts the perfect enclosures.


Rick takes the time to discuss your needs and preferences with you to create the enclosure with the best functionality for your needs.  He goes above and beyond to make sure that every detail of your enclosure is exactly how you want it.  Everything Rick has delivered has far exceeded our expectations.  Our pets are extremely healthy and happy in their homes, thanks to Rick.   We can recommend no one else!

B. Giddings      April 17, 2020

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